From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant she wants the best for both herself and her baby. As long as the mother has a low risk pregnancy she has various choices to give her the magical, empowering and intimate birth she has always envisioned. With Home birth you choose a midwife who walks through the pregnancy with you, and assists you during your birth in the comfort of your home or at a birth house. You are in total control of the environment, including who will be present and how you will labour.

Having total freedom of movement, being able to make a cup of tea if you want, playing your favorite music and being able to sleep in your own bed afterwards are all added benefits to home birth. Research has shown that being in familiar surroundings reduces the potential stress of labour and childbirth. I work closely with you during the pregnancy road therefore there will be no strangers at your birth, which also helps to decrease stress levels.

Necessary medical equipment is kept within reach but hidden away to prevent stress.
With home birth there are fewer interventions, less need for pain relief, and a much higher likelihood of a normal vaginal birth. At home the labour and birth are allowed to take their natural course without any unnecessary interfering.
Mothers often feel empowered after a home birth which results in decrease chance of postnatal depression.